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  • This Is My Kong Biscuit Ball

    Read my first blog post ever. I'm reviewing the Kong Biscuit Ball.

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    Maybe my next post will be about treats to fill er up!.

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    My flock and I won't steer you wrong.

  • I'll Tell You All My Secrets

    I'll let you know what really works and what's a bunch of bull feathers.

  • Feline Sisters Juno & Minnie At Your Service.

    Nothing fishy from us. Just straight talk on all things Feline!

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Welcome to Pet Peeves and Picks!

Hi there and thanks for stopping by. This blog is an honest, tell all about toys, apparel, treats, services and anything that relates to pets and life with pets. We'll give you our honest opinions, our likes and dislikes and let you know if something is our Peeve or Pick. Remember while we'll always strive for complete accuracy in facts offered about any item, Peeves and Picks are our opinions so no nasty comments if you disagree.
If you have something you'd like us to test,please let us know. We love to try new things!

The Fabulous Felines

Pet Peeves and Picks welcomes Feline Sisters Juno and Minnie as our feline bloggers. I'm Juno and I'm six. Minnie is ten and she'll be posting her picture soon. We're sisters and we'll be co-hosting the all important Feline area of Pet Peeves and Picks. If you think felines are fab and you are tired of all the attention going to the dogs so to speak, drop us an email with what you'd like to see on our blog.

Feline Blogger

The Dog Blogger

My name is Desi and I'm a Papillon.I'm fairly small in stature but I'm NOT a lap dog. I have a ton of experience with toys, treats - I have allergies so I've tried everything, clothes, grooming name it I've probably tried it. I've traveled quite a bit with my family and I'm well versed on places it's okay for you to go. I'm also very honest so I'll give you the real scoop. Please email me if you have something you'd like me to check out. Thanks for reading my blog. All the best, Desi.

Dog Blogger

The Birdie Blog

I'm Baby, a Medium Sulfur Crested Cockatoo. My friends call me Babs. I'm excited to share everything I've learned in my fifteen years and all the new things I'll experience as part of my blogging responsibilities. I'm also quite discriminating when it comes to food, treats and toys. I do have a few favorites but in general I get bored easily so I'm always on the lookout for something new. Check out my posts often and let me know if you want me to check something out for you. You can count on me to tell you when something is enjoyable or deplorable.

Birdie Blog

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